340B Solutions

340B Solutions
Management & Consulting

340B Solutions was brought together through the identified needs of the not for profit and those seeking to establish 340B programs. We wanted to bring a holistic approach to services for the not for profit, strengthening entire agencies not just one program. We have done that. We have re-invented the role of Third Party Administrator (TPA) through our work to help agencies supply seamless holistic services to the communities they serve.

Our 340B Partnerships

340B Solutions thrives on building partnerships with the agencies we service. We believe focusing on partnerships and collaborations is essential to the success of the agency and the program. We strive to be the resource for agencies and their needs.

  • Negotiate & Manage Pharmaceutical Distribution Wholesale Accounts
  • Negotiate Agreements with 340B Software Companies
  • Manage and Operate 340B Software
  • 340B Compliance Support
  • Negotiate Business Relationships with Pharmacies
  • Manage the Accounting and Reconciliation of all Contract Pharmacies
  • Provide Customized Monthly Data Reports

    Benefits of the Program to the Covered Entity

    Participating covered entities report savings that range between 25-50% of Average Wholesale Price for covered outpatient drugs as a result of the 340B discounts. These savings can be converted into revenue for the organization.

    Our Primary Services
    • 340B Maintenance and Monitoring
    • Program Development and Implementation
    • Best Practice Implementation for Programs
    • Pharmacy Selection
    • Pharmacy Contract Negotiation
    • Pharmacy Compliance Monitoring
    • Patient Eligibility Monitoring
    Our Difference
    • Custom management of your 340B Program Compliance Monitoring
    • Pharmacy selection, contract negotiation and monitoring
    • Detailed and customized reporting
    • Dedicated account manager that promotes one on one interaction and attention
    • Prompt answers to questions and concerns
    • Tailor made program development and services
    • On site representative during program implementation
    • Weekly Call updates
    • Monitor of Federal and State Laws to identify any
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